About Bint by Pauline Plummer

Bint is a new poetry collection form Pauline Plummer. Several of the poems here have won prizes – such as About Grief
and Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Hat. Others have appeared in anthologies of prize-winning poems for competitions
such as My Friend Barry for Leaf Books.

This richly diverse collection of poems shifts between the personal and the political, between celebrations of courage and
expressions of loss, between continents and countries, between responses painting and to music, between loose experimentation
and the sonnet. There is a sense of a life lived across decades of change from the terraces of Liverpool to the celebration of
endangered species. A range of characters from different aspects of our world appear in these poems – a priest labouring for
the poor in Middlesbrough, a young man in prison, a decorator dying too young, a refugee trying to make a life and an
entrepreneur in New Europe. The title poem Bint is an attempt to reclaim this word form its usage as an insult and restore
it to its original Arabic meaning - almost as a prayer for the safety of her own granddaughter.

"If observational skill is the poet's greatest tool, then Plummer is a consummate artist who has honed it to perfection.
Capturing people and places... she renders them in delicately pitched words and phrases. And knows how to use humour
wisely... Plummer's empathy with her subjects is also a telling feature."

(Orbis, Spring 2012, p. 52)

PUBLISHER Red Squirrel Press

PRICE 6.99

ISBN 978-1-906700-50-8

FORMAT Paperback

SIZE 216x138mm, 80pp

PUB.DATE 16 November 2011

Timbuktu cover

About From Here To Timbuktu

The fabled city of Timbuktu, once the dazzling commercial and intellectual capital of the Songhay empire, is now just another
impoverished desert town on the adventure holiday trail for affluent Western tourists. From Here To Timbuktu follows the
fortunes of a group of tourists as they make their way by 4x4 and pinasse across the Mali desert. Cash-rich and time-poor,
they want to see 'where life is raw'. Like Chaucer's pilgrims on the road to Canterbury, these travellers pass the time bickering,
gossiping, flirting and falling out, eventually sharing the stories of their lives with humour and pathos. Written in Chaucer's rime
royal, From Here To Timbuktu is a book about Third World poverty and First World consumption. It's a travelogue, a satire,
an epic poem, and a journey across the savannah in a four-wheel drive from here - to Timbuktu.

Publisher: Smokestack Books

Price: 7.95

ISBN: 978-0-9568144-4-9

From Here To Timbuktu was chosen as a Read Regional by New Writing North.



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