Calder Wood Press



List of authors published by Calder Wood Press, 1997 - 2015

Amy Anderson

Janette Ayachi

Stephen Barnaby

Irene Brown

Kevin Cadwallender

Mercedes Claraso

Anne Connolly

Geoff Cooper

Anna Dickie

Morgan Downie

Dunbar Writers

Alec Finlay

Lilias Forbes

Christine Ford

Eddie Gibbons

Jo Gibson

Mary Johnston

Marion MacCready

Lindsay Macgregor

Jill Madden

Catriona Malan

Donald McKinney

Lynn Moir

Alistair Noon

Jane Overton

Sonata Paliulyte

David Purdie

Quill Writing Group

Judith Stewart

Judith Taylor

Gerry Urwin

Nuala Watt

West Lothian Schools

Jane Mary Wilde

Jayne Wilding

Colin Will

Juliet Wilson

Ross Wilson



















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