Although I began writing in 1961, heavily influenced at that time by Beat poetry, I stopped writing for 25 years, and didn't start again until around 1985.
I began to get poems published in magazines in the late 1980s. My first full collection - Thirteen Ways of Looking At the Highlands, was published by
Diehard Publishers in 1996, followed by Seven Senses in 2000, also from Diehard. A chapbook - Mementoliths - was published in 2005. My third full
collection - Sushi & Chips - was published by Diehard in 2006. The floor show at the Mad Yak Café, was published by Red Squirrel Scotland in 2010.
My sixth collection - The Propriety of Weeding - was published by Red Squirrel in 2012. In 2013 I published a pamphlet of East Lothian poems,
The Year's Six Seasons. In 2013 I was awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship to write a book-length collection of haibun, based on my travels.
This was published by Red Squirrel Press in October 2014, under the title The Book of Ways. My first short story pamphlet, Getting On, was published
in 2016, followed by a poetry collection, The Night I Danced with Maya, in 2017. A full-length short story collection, Word Play, came out in 2018,
and a second full-length collection of stories, Long Shorts, in 2021.

Mementoliths 2 is available as a Kindle e-book, as is Recycled Cards, which was compiled from five poetry cards published in 1998 and 1999.
Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Highlands
and Seven Senses are also now available from Amazon as Kindle e-books.

My poems have appeared in the following magazines: Ambit, Cencrastus, Climber, Lallans, Nomad, Island, Poetry Scotland, Broadside, Agniewska's Dowry,
The Hold, Fife Lines, Poetry Postcard Quarterly, Northwords and Northwords Now, The Eildon Tree, Haiku Scotland, Zed2O, Envoi, Markings, Gutter, Iota,
World Haiku Review, New Writing Scotland, and in the webzines Epistrophy, Zimmerzine, Snakeskin, The Periodic Table of Poetry, Gravity, Softblow,
Bolts of Silk, A handful of stones, And Other Poems, Every Day Poets, Contemporary Haibun Online, Haibun Today, Verse Wrights, The Passionate Transitory,
Notes from the Gean, New Linear Perspectives, Far Off Places, Nutshells and Nuggets, The Stare's Nest, Clear Poetry and qarrtsiluni.

Poems are included in the following anthologies: After the Watergaw, Variations on a New Song, Atoms of Delight, Edinburgh; an intimate city, Verse Chain,
The way to Cold Mountain, Present Poets 2, The Edinburgh Book of 20th Century Scottish Poetry, Shared Writing, daemon, Mesostic Herbarium, Looking Forward,
Things Not Seen, Ten Seasons, 100 Favourite Scottish Poems to Read Aloud, Still Standen, Ten Seasons, Skein of Geese, wind blown clouds, Collection Point,
Berzelio Sodai '08 (in Lithuanian), Shorelines, By Grand Central Station We Sat Down and Wept, Split Screen, Double Bill, Windows for Burns Night, A set of Ribbons,
Making Waves, Into the Forest, Sound Waves, Umbrellas of Edinburgh, Untitled #2, The Call of the Clerihew, Be Not Afraid, and Wild Words.


Long shorts cover A full-length collection of short stories, published April 2021, now available from Red Squirrel Press.  
Word PlayWord Play cover A full-length collection of short stories, published in June 2018, and now sold out. I have a few copies at home, and if you are interested, please email me.  
Maya cover

Available from Red Squirrel Press.


Getting On cover My first collection of short stories, this booklet contains five, on a variety of subjects. It's available from me directly. Contact me here.  
Book of Ways cover

The Book of Ways was published by Red Squirrel Press in October 2014. It's a collection of 112 haibun, a Japanese form for descriptions of real and allegorical journeys, with additional haiku. It's large book, by normal poetry standards, containing 240 pages. It's available from me directly and from Amazon.


Propriety of weeding cover

The Propriety of Weeding was published by Red Squirrel Press in 2012.There's a thread of poems about plants and gardens running through it, but there are many other poems on a variety of other subjects. It's available from me directly, and from selected bookshops.


Mad Yak Cafe cover The floorshow at the Mad Yak Café is now out of print.  

Check the e-books page for Kindle editions.