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Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Highlands...and more

In these poems Colin Will turns his attention to the environment, mostly in Scotland. This was his first collection, published by Diehard in 1996, and long out of print. The title sequence takes an ambitious look at thirteen different aspects of the Scottish Highlands, weaving geology, landscape, ecology, wildlife, history and social concerns in a powerful poetic statement.


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Seven Senses

Seven Senses

The first section of this book explores the sense of place in poems that are lyrical, witty and varied. In the second section Colin looks at the arts – music, painting, sculpture – and he finishes with a section on love and loss. This book, Colin’s second collection from Diehard, published in 2000, has a wider range than Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Highlands, and it foreshadows some of the poetry in his later collections. This edition omits a few poems from the printed collection, and includes others written at the period but not printed.


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600 Lines

600 lines - two hundred haiku from West Lothian schools, edited by Colin Will

These poems were written by pupils from the following schools: Armadale Academy; Broxburn Academy; Deans Community High School; James Young High School; St Kentigern’s Academy, and St Margaret’s Academy during an intensive series of workshops spanning six days in 2001. Over 400 students from 14 groups took part in the workshops, which took place as part of the West Lothian Japan Festival.


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Mementoliths 2

Mementoliths 2

This collection of poems is based on my habit of bringing home pieces of stone from places I visit. I know I’m far from alone in this – lots of others do it. I’ve now got some very exotic pebbles in the rockery and some colourful minerals indoors. My geological background has given me a distinctive view of these rocks, but in the main the poems are not about geology, but the associations invoked by the people and places where the stones were collected, although the links may not always be obvious. In some cases, the stones themselves exist now only as memories, but they’ve triggered these poems, hence: memento + lith = mementolith


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Recycled Cards

Recycled Cards

These poems by Colin Will were first published as the poetry cards The flowers of Scotland, Painted Fruits, Landings, Roundabout Livingston, and Robin’s Rowan, by Calder Wood Press in 1998 and 1999. They are now gathered into a single e-book.


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