Colin Will: Music

Colin Will

I started playing clarinet at the age of 15, buying my first instrument by working a paper round
in Colinton Mains, Edinburgh, where I lived. I reached the dizzying heights of playing in the
school orchestra in the Usher Hall, no less. By 17 I was also playing alto sax, and becoming
interested in jazz and improvisation.

But, like the writing, my music went on the back burner as I concentrated on building a family
and a career. After I retired, I still had a hankering to play, but my two instruments were stored
away in the loft. I did think, however, that I should have been a tenor sax player, rather than
an altoist, but I wasn't until I turned 70 that I decided to buy a tenor. I loved it immediately and,
reasoning that most tenor players 'double' on soprano, I got one too. Logically (Ha Ha) I also
replaced my alto and clarinet. So now I'm a fully-fledged woodwind player, adding bass clarinet
in 2018.

When I began, I couldn't read music, so I made up my mind to learn as soon as I got my tenor.
I like just noodling away on my own, but I've recently gone back to something I used to do in
my beatnik days, that's to improvise on saxophone to poetry. I've done it in several gigs since
2016, and I love it.

Colin Will alto